Class Schedule


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Puppy Head Start

Wednesdays, July 10- Aug 14, 7:00 pm | $195
Get started on the right paw! In this 6-week class, you will discover techniques to properly socialize and shape your puppy early in life.  You will also learn how to prevent common mistakes setting you and your pup up for a harmonious life!

Basic Foundation

Thursdays, July 11- Aug 15, 6:00 pm  | $245
You and your dog will work on commands such as “sit” and “come” but more importantly you will work on elements of leadership, communication, motivation, self-control, and problem-solving.  This is a 6-week class with the first 3 weeks scheduled as private lessons in order to maximize learning in a low-distraction environment.  Weeks 4-6 are held as a group.  This class will facilitate a harmonious and balanced relationship between you and your canine companion!

Beyond the Basics

Thursdays, July 11- Aug 15, 7:00 pm  | $195
Up your game in this 6-week intermediate group class! You and your dog will work on perfecting commands and handling techniques.  Challenge yourself with real-life scenarios or prepare for the Canine Good Citizen test. This class has something for everyone!

Intro to K9 Nose Work®

Mondays, July 8- Aug 12, 6:00 p.m. | $215
Open to all dogs, K9 Nose Work® is a rapidly growing activity and recreational sport that gives dogs both physical exercise and mental stimulation.  Dogs work one at a time allowing each dog to channel energy and learn without the constraints of a traditional group class.  Join us for this 6-week course taught by our NACSW certified instructor!

Continuing K9 Nose Work®

Date and Time TBD | $195
Continue along the Nose Work path in this 6-week course. Change environments and add distractions that will challenge your dog’s nose!  Stay on the trail of Nose Work with K9 Nose Work® Part 2! Prerequisite: Intro to Canine Nose Work Part 1 or equivalent.

Intro to Agility

Wednesdays, July 10- Aug 14, 6:00 pm | $195
Come explore the world of canine agility in this 6-week group class! This class offers a wonderful opportunity to introduce your dog to agility obstacles and courses.  Not only will you build your canine’s knowledge and confidence, you will also have fun communicating with each other!