Happy Earth Day!

Perfect Pet ResortIt’s Earth Day so let’s get into some fun talk about the planet and our environment! Here at Perfect Pet Resort, we always look forward to this day as it holds a special meaning for us. We place a high value on the environment, green technology and sustainable business practices. We care about all of our dog and cat guests and if they are family and feel a certain responsibility not only to care for them but to also be diligent in the ways we care for them. From the construction of the facility itself to the grooming products we use, Perfect Pet Resort strives to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

Our owner, Elizabeth Chaney, had an amazing opportunity to build Perfect Pet Resort from the ground up. With that opportunity, she was able to put a lot of time and thought into creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly surroundings for our guests. Despite being in a densely wooded area, no trees were cut down during the construction of the facility. The building itself was thoughtfully constructed as well, using insulated concrete forms to serve several purposes. Not only are they more fire-resistant and sound proof than other materials, they are also incredibly energy-efficient. They can save anywhere between 30% and 70% in energy consumption.

Perfect Pet Resort

We also work to make operations at Perfect Pet Resort environmentally-friendly and safe for our guests. In our play yards, we use wood chips for our furry dog friends. In addition to being a natural surface, it also deters insects and acts as an odor repellent. Our spa and wellness center keeps things on the up and up by using sustainable, green products that have minimal impact on the environment. The shampoos and conditions we use are anti-oxidant free and made with natural materials. To reduce waste, we provide our guests with reusable tote bags to take home after their stay instead of paper or plastic bags. And we vigorously recycle, making sure to put every can, paper and scrap right into the big, blue bin!

Most recently, we installed an LED lighting system throughout the entire resort. These lights are incredibly energy-efficient, using only 3 watts of electricity. They also last approximately 10 years, cutting back significantly on the amount of waste.

We strive to use as much green technology as possible so we can fulfill our responsibilities to the environment. We would love to hear how you incorporate green  living into your every day life. Happy Earth Day!