Author: Elizabeth Chaney

Help Your Pet Become Comfortable in His Own Fur

Four Frequently Asked Questions About Socialization  Socializing dogs is one of the best ways to ensure that they develop into their best self — happy and well-rounded. It often involves exposure to other animals, people, places and things to help them learn how to respond to a variety of situations in a healthy, comfortable manner … Read more »

Walk Your Way to a Healthy New Year!

Dog Walking 101 If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ll set a fitness resolution for 2018. Why not commit to an exercise regimen for your pooch, too? Don’t overthink it! Dogs love walks and they don’t cost much beyond the purchase of a good leash and collar. Here are our five simple tips: Get the … Read more »

Lookin’ Good for the Holidays!

Top Tips for Bathing Your Pet This time of year, we want everything to look its best, including our pets. So, to ensure your pooch looks and feels amazing, start with a good bath. Here’s our bath-time advice: Run lukewarm water (70-80ºF). It’s the optimal temp for your pooch’s comfort and shampoo effectiveness. Get a … Read more »

Peace on Earth – And In Your Home

Top Five Tips to Help Separation Anxiety Between holiday shopping and parties, are you spending more time away from home – and your pet? Minor changes in your schedule can mean major disruptions in your dog’s everyday routine, leading to anxiety and loneliness. Your furball may begin to bark, whine and howl, go to the … Read more »

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

The Dos and Don’ts of Thanksgiving Table Scraps While you want your furry friends to partake in this season’s festivities, inviting them to the holiday table can have a negative effect on both their health and behavior. Remember, pets don’t know that it’s Thanksgiving – or even a special occasion. So you don’t want to … Read more »

Is Your Dog “Overly” Friendly with Guests?

Training Tips for a Calm, Cool and Collected Greeting Does your dog go crazy when people come to the door? The commotion can be unbearable. He’s barking and jumping all over your guests. You’re yelling and tugging him back. With the holiday season upon us, an over-excitable welcome can add unnecessary stress to your household. … Read more »

Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy This 4th

Fourth of July is a lot of fun. Summer is in full swing, the cool water of the pool beckons and celebrations peek around every corner. Of course, the whole family wants to participate in the festivities. When it comes to your pet, however, you can take certain steps to ensure they stay safe, healthy … Read more »

Water Safety Tips For Your Pet

Summer is a fun time for dogs! Between beaches, parks and pools, there is an abundance of activities for your fur-friend. We are all for fun, but also want to help you to keep your pets safe, too. After all, a healthy and safe pet leads to a happy pet! Here are some important dog … Read more »

Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day so let’s get into some fun talk about the planet and our environment! Here at Perfect Pet Resort, we always look forward to this day as it holds a special meaning for us. We place a high value on the environment, green technology and sustainable business practices. We care about all of … Read more »

Perfect Pet Resort

Thank You for 14 Wonderful Years!

“A pet enters your life and changes everything.” – Unknown Fourteen years ago, Perfect Pet Resort opened the doors for the very first time. We couldn’t imagine then how deeply we would fall in love with every two and four-legged guest to walk through these doors. Since opening, our hearts have burst with love to … Read more »