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My story –

My name is Evie. I was a stray found on a busy road in Lothian, MD during the morning rush hour. I was so scared.  Lots of great people stopped to help me but I didn’t know who to trust.  Two dog trainers from Perfect Pet Resort convinced me to slow down allow them to secure me on a lead. It felt good to be safe; I could rest. It is believed that I was dropped in that location because after great effort, no one could locate my family.

That was in June 2022. I have since been exposed to many new environments and people. My confidence has grown immensely, and I feel much better physically and mentally. I have lots of joyous moments, but loud noises and strange-looking things can still startle me and make me want to run. I’m learning to lean on my foster person for support.

I would love to find a permanent companion who understands my background, gives me grace, and recognizes my potential. My perfect companion is willing to invest time into bonding and building trust. Because I am still recovering from past experiences, I will need a secure fenced-in yard to be safe and to give me the room to exercise which I love to do! I ride like a champ in the car and I make an awesome office mate too! With gentle handling, I’m an angel at the doctor’s and the spa! I am physically fit and quite strong. I’ve been introduced to dogs and cats and so far, enjoy their company 😊 Whereas my foster and Perfect Pet Resort have primarily focused on my safety and confidence, I have received basic training which helps me cope when I’m scared.

If you or someone you know would like a young, strong, 65lb, 15-month-old for a lifelong partnership, please contact Perfect Pet Resort in Lothian, MD.

Yours truly,


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Our Community is Important to Us

At Perfect Pet Resort, our team is active in the regional pet community! We are invested and committed to serving the community and the wonderful people and organizations located here. We are grateful to be able to give back to the worldwide animal community by providing services and resources that enhance animals’ lives.

We work with shelters and support their compassionate efforts in many ways, including sponsoring and attending fundraising events, hosting food drives and offering on-site events to further their mission. We have also been known to rescue a dog or two and facilitate serendipitous connections between people and pets. See our available adoptions above and contact us if you’re looking for the perfect pet; we may just know a rescue who is waiting for you.

We partner with local individuals, communities and businesses to assist with feral cat rescue and colony management. With the help of local cat experts, clinics, veterinarians and individuals, we have been successful in helping over 150 feral cats and kittens.

Our founder, Elizabeth Chaney, is a volunteer Canine Search Handler for VA-TF1, a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue team.  Together with her canine partners, she has worked to find missing persons in disaster settings including hurricanes, earthquakes, and mudslides.

Elizabeth has also partnered with other animal welfare advocates and the County government to enhance the lives of animals and people by improving local-level, animal-related legislation.