Learn from Our World-Class Dog Trainers

Butch Henderson, Lead Dog Trainer

“I have always liked how Perfect Pet Resort operates. It’s the high standards. They’re really hard to beat. I tell everybody that.” ~ Butch Henderson

Butch Henderson is extensive dog trainer with many accomplishments. Butch has over 30 years experience training, breeding, and competing with his working dogs. He and his Doberman, Agir, held the 2004 AWDF National Champion title. He has nationally titled multiple breeds in Schutzhund, including Bouviers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers. He has completely titled ten high-competition Schutzhund dogs from BH to Schutzhund/IPO III. In 1996, his Bouvier Brinks became the first and only Bouvier to capture the DVG national championship. In 2002, his German Shepherd Thunder was the Vice-Champion at the DVG nationals and in 2004; his Doberman Agir also became DVG Vice-Champion.

Butch was the training director of the Commonwealth Working Dog Club for many years and is the current president of the club. He is a member of the North American Working Bouvier Association and the United Doberman Club. He also belongs to both the USA and DVG Schutzhund Organizations. He was the 2001 Captain of the U.S. Rottweiler team in Italy, and was a bomb dog handler in NYC and Baltimore. Butch represented the U.S. in Europe nine times with three different dogs. He breeds and trains his working Champion-line Bouviers and Dobermans and also has an extensive background in handling other popular working dog breeds, including German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Malinois and Pit Bulls.

Butch draws from this extensive experience training many different dogs in many different conditions to serve Perfect Pet Resort clients and their pets at all levels.

Christy Faber – Puppy, Basic Foundation, Canine Agility, K9 Nosework® and Canine Good Citizen Instructor

“I love to see people’s faces light up when they see their dogs grin with understanding.” ~Christy Faber

Christy Faber has 26 years of professional experience training and competing horses at the upper levels and teaching people in the equestrian sport of eventing. In 1990, when her first Border Collie (Rowdy) entered her life, she discovered the great sport of dog agility. Christy took Rowdy to the elite level of competition in NADAC, qualifying for the championships, and competed in USDAA trials. In October 2005, Christy was awarded her colors by the Marlborough Hunt Club and was elected to the staff. For ten years, she has been involved in the raising, training, hunting, and showing of Penn-MaryDel foxhounds. Currently, Christy is competing in agility with Flurry, Jake, Mirk, and Ben her Border Collies, who have earned their NATCH’s in NADAC and are competing at the master’s level in USDAA and AKC. Mikey, a retired Border Collie, Toby (semi-retired), and Slipper, (aspiring Nose Work competitor) complete her pack. In spring of 2017, Christy became an ANWI, associate nosework instructor in the sport of K9 Nosework®. During K9 Nosework®, Christy helps pets put their nose to good use through scent detection. She is currently competing Flurry at the novice level. In addition to agility, Christy enjoys sheepherding, hiking and trail riding with her dogs. She finds equal reward in helping people shape their beloved canine family member into a confident, well-behaved companion or teammate and competitor in agility and nosework. Her goal is to help others enjoy their dogs as much as she loves and enjoys hers.

Christy is a born instructor. Her approachable personality and extensive skillset make learning enjoyable for those who appreciate a unique and tailored class experience.