Introducing Canine Nosework!

Perfect Pet Resort is pleased to announce we will be adding Canine Nosework to our dog training repertoire! Canine Nosework is a fun and exciting way to exercise your dog’s mental and physical energy.

So, what exactly is Canine Nosework? Your pet will use their keen sense of smell to find certain odors and earn rewards. As the class continues and your pet gains experience, they may be asked to find more complex scents in more challenging scenarios. Consider it a bit of puzzle solving for your furry friend!

Benefits of Canine Nosework:

  • No prior training required
  • Lots of mental and physical energy release
  • Can be done by dogs of all skill levels and abilities.
  • Builds confidence in shy dogs.
  • Encourages bonding between pets and their owners.

Click here to request a space in our nosework class today!