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    Cuddle Time

    Does your canine value quality “human” time? This special chill session with a human companion will result in tummy rubs and ear scratches to your pet’s liking. And, the pet care specialist won’t want to stop either!

    Social Play

    For those pups that can’t get enough romping with their friends, throw in an additional outdoor group playtime for even more energy release and fun!

    Private Play

    If your dog likes partnering with a two-legged playmate and a toy, this is the perfect add-on! Add on a romp around the outdoor play yard with a pet care specialist and your pup will have a blast!

    Nature Walk

    Is your dog a fan of daily walks? Your pet will love this tranquil one-on-one stroll around our beautiful 14-acre property!

    Interactive Toy Time

    Let your highly intelligent pup use their brain power during interactive toy time! Whether it is a treat-filled Kong or a more challenging puzzle, this activity is great for canines who like to work those brain muscles.

    Think Tank Time

    A single training sessions for activity and mental stimulation, otherwise known as fun! Options include fun agility, trick training, or a single command like “down.” Inquire for more options.