Water Safety Tips For Your Pet

Summer is a fun time for dogs! Between beaches, parks and pools, there is an abundance of activities for your fur-friend. We are all for fun, but also want to help you to keep your pets safe, too. After all, a healthy and safe pet leads to a happy pet! Here are some important dog water safety tips to remember when it comes to summer fun.

  1. Never leave your dog unattended when in the water. even the strongest of swimmers can get tired. Leaving your pet alone in the water means you can’t see what is happening, if they are being pulled by a current or if they’ve gotten stuck somewhere. You can’t predict what will happen when they are in the water, so have your eyes on them at all times.
  2. Invest in a dog life vest to keep them afloat. A doggie life vest is an important tool to keep in your pet’s arsenal. For pets who aren’t natural swimmers or for those who are older, it gives them a little extra stability in the water. Dogs can also get cramps, much like people, so a life vest can help keep them afloat should one hit.
  3. Rinse your dog off after each swim session. Whether your pet is swimming in the local pool or on a beach somewhere, there can be bothersome irritants in the water. Give them a quick rinse after swimming to avoid dry or irritated skin.
  4. Never push your dog into the water. We always think it’s called the dog paddle for a reason, but not every dog is a natural swimmer. Pushing your dog in the water can cause them to panic or become fearful of water. You can teach your dog to swim, but don’t force them by tossing them in.
  5. If you bring your pet on a boat, be sure you can pull them out of the water. For boaters, being able to get your dog out of the water is an absolute necessity. A life vest with a handle allows you to grab onto them if they need your help. Remember, they will be heavier in the water than on land.
  6. Try to keep your dog from drinking pool or lake water. Pool or lake water may look pretty but it can sometimes contain toxins and parasites that can be harmful to your pet. To keep them healthy and happy, keep fresh water nearby for them to drink.